Waseda University students visiting Bonn

As part of the long-term partnership between Waseda University in Tokyo and the University of Bonn, twelve students from the Japanese partner university were guests at the LIMES from February 7th to March 14th, 2023.

Of course, a visit to Cologne Cathedral was also a must: the students from Waseda University visiting the cathedral city © Foto: Yunju La, Waseda University

The University of Bonn has had a close partnership with the strategic partner university Waseda University in Tokyo since 1960, which extends over various areas. The Institute exchange coordinated by Prof. Andreas Schlitzer has now made it possible for twelve students to stay at the Life & Medical Sciences Institute (LIMES).

The students were able to gain practical experience in various laboratories and facilities at the University of Bonn. They were spread over a total of 9 working groups and 4 locations and were thus involved in a wide range of key topics in the field of life sciences. The students' stay was crowned by a joint symposium at which the results of the stay were presented. The supervising professors from Waseda University also traveled to the event on March 13. “We are delighted that our exchange program with Waseda University has been so well received. It shows again and again how enriching not only the scientific cooperation but also the intercultural and interpersonal aspects of such exchange programs are - both for the students and for the supervisors," says Prof. Andreas Schlitzer. “For example, celebrating together at carnival was particularly nice. The guests from Japan had brought their own costumes with them. In this way, the guests were introduced to a very special German or Rhenish culture, to which they were very open. One highlight was the Rectorate’s invitation to the university’s Prinz & Bonna reception.”

In addition, the students were supported by an additional program of the International Office. "The institute exchanges at the University of Bonn are diverse and lively, and we are pleased that they are being used. The International Office is happy to support the institutes and offers international students a general program that focuses in particular on cultural exchange,” says Christine Müller, Head of the International Studies Department in Bonn. This gave the students the opportunity to get to know Bonn and the surrounding area better outside of the university context. Excursions to the House of History, to the Drachenfels and to Cologne were offered. The architecture of the Cologne Cathedral in particular met with great enthusiasm. In addition, the students were included in the program of the international club and invited to film and game evenings as well as to the language café. The program offered a variety of opportunities to get to know the Rhineland and gain intercultural experience in Bonn. During the events, the participants exchanged views on a wide range of Japanese and German traditions with the assistants in the department who were carrying out the work. The topics of conversation wandered from carnival to Rhenish cuisine to the Japanese language.

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