Career opportunities

The primary goal of our study programs is to provide students with an excellent background in basic biomedical research and to prepare them for a master's degree or doctorate.

Activities can be carried out later in academic or industrial environments (universities, non-university research facilities, industry research departments, etc.).

Typical occupational fields are:

  • in research at the university, at a clinic, at a research institute or in industry
  • in project management
  • in science journalism
  • as a lecturer in teaching

In a regular series of seminars "What comes after graduation?", the Bonn Forum Biomedicine will provide students with comprehensive information on the different professional fields.

The Association of Biology, Biosciences and Biomedicine VBio offers further information and literature on the subject of profession and career opportunities.

University of Bonn - Career Service

The Career Service supports students and graduates of the University of Bonn with advice, application training and career events for career orientation and entry into the profession. Information on the services offered can be found at

Bing Zhao, 
Co-founder and vice general manager of GMEP Medical Technology, Radolfzell

"Hello guys, I'm Bing. I studied in the LIMES master program from 2012 - 2014. I am now the co-founder and vice general manager of GMEP Medical Technology GmbH; a company specialized in trade, consulting and development of medical products. The LIMES master program has offered me a solid and broad foundation of medical sciences, as well an excellent training program for presenting skills; skills much needed in a business environment. The acquired biomedical knowledge is extremely helpful for me to understand medical products in various fields such as IVD (in vitro diagnostics). You are in good hands and the LIMES programs are good programs for international and national students alike which will surely help you to achieve your goals. I wish you all the best."