FAQs Master programs

When does the program start?
Both master studies start in the winter semester (October).

When can I apply?
The online application is activated beginning of March at the latest.

Can I apply before completing my Bachelor's degree?
Yes, provided you complete your studies before starting the Master's degree. In this case, please send a current transcript of records with your online application.

Am I suitable for the study programs "Biochemistry" or "Immunobiology: from molecules to integrative systems" under the assumption of a kind-related course of studies?
For this, your documents submitted with the online application must be examined. Please include, if possible, information on the study content.

Is there an NC?
The Master's degree programs are admission-limited and for the applicants from the EU countries the admission is depending on their grade in the Bachelor's degree. However, the numerus clausus ​​of the respective year is only known ex post.

How long is my English proof valid?
Before starting your studies, we want to ensure that your English knowledge is adequate to follow the studies. Therefore, it is useful if your test results do not exceed two years.
If your school instructions were in English, please attach a corresponding proof or a document from which this information appears. If the country language of your home country or the language of your previous studies is English, you do not need a separate proof of English.

Can I also provide an English proof of an alternative institution?
The English proof of an institution other than that indicated on the website is subject to examination by the Examination Board.

Can I submit documents that are not yet available when the application is closed?
You can submit documents, such as the APS certificate or the English proof, within two weeks after the end of the application period. The final certificate of your studies must be available at the latest when you register at the university. Since you can not add any documents after submitting your application, please send us the document as a PDF by e-mail.

Do I have to prove a sufficient command of German?
No, no knowledge of German is necessary for the study. For you life in Germany it is of course useful to acquire German language skills. German is almost exclusively spoken at offices and authorities and forms are also in German. German courses can be taken at the University of Bonn.

When is it useful to submit evidence of additional qualifying examinations?
Proof of passed examinations for educational contents relevant to your studies, which have not been carried out within your previous studies, can increase your chances of a study place.

Do my certificates have to be translated into German?
Your certificates and other documents must be in German, English or French.

Do I need certified copies of my certificates for the online application?
No. Certified documents or originals must be handed in when enrolling at the university or with the application for admission to the master examination at the beginning of the studies.

Where can I have my credentials certified?
The certificates must be issued by the German diplomatic or consular mission in your country of origin or by the diplomatic or consular representation of the country of origin in Germany. The correctness of German-language translations must be confirmed by the responsible German diplomatic or consular representation in the country of origin or by a sworn interpreter or translator in Germany.
The certification of certificates is possible in Germany at the offices of the city councils, notaries or the university, where you have completed your studies.

Is it possible to obtain a pre-admission letter?
After examining your submitted documents or after the interview, it will be decided whether you will be admitted to the studies. Only then you will receive an approval letter by e-mail.

Will all candidates from non-EU countries be invited to an interview? Where does it take place?
Only selected participants will be invited to an interview. They will receive an e-mail with the relevant information. The interview is done via Skype. Please make sure that you have the necessary technical requirements or a good internet connection so that the interview can take place.

Can I take a Master's degree course as a second degree course?
Yes. Please submit your application for a second degree.

When can I get an answer?
After the end of the application period the documents will be screened. Afterwards, you will be informed by e-mail if the confirmation is positive. If a follow-up procedure takes place, the confirmation of your application may be delayed. We ask for your understanding.

Can I apply again if I have received a cancellation last year?
Yes, you can apply and your documents are reviewed by the Examination Committee.

Is there a module manual?
The module manual can be found on our website:

Module manual_Master_Immunobiology
Module manual_Master_Biochemistry

Information on current lectures can be found in the course catalog:

Course catalog

What is the cost of studying?
The social contribution for one semester is now around € 310,- and includes a ticket for local transport throughout the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. There are no tuition fees.

Are there funding programs or scholarships?
Yes, there are different ways of financing. Information is available on the Internet pages of the University of Bonn:

Scholarships for postgraduates

Please contact the appropriate organization or contact persons of the University of Bonn for further information.