Quality management

In order to assure quality of teaching and to recognize areas for further development of the study programs, students evaluate the courses every semester by filling out an evaluation form, which consists of a structured part, but also gives opportunity to freely comment. At the LIMES Institute, the “Evaluationsprojektgruppe” (EPG; Evaluation Project Group) deals with the evaluations. Results are discussed and transmitted to the respective lecturers. Through this process, ideas and suggestions of the students are taken into consideration and integrated to further improve teaching.

The members of the EPG are:
Prof. Michael Pankratz (head of the EPG)    
Prof. Thorsten Lang (deputy head of the EPG and head of the examination board for the BA program)

Anne Kathrin Jansen (administrative assistant of the EPG)

Coordination office:
Claudia Famulok
Dr. Anastasia Solomatina

Further Academic members:
Prof. Sven Burgdorf (Head of the examination board for the MA programs)
Prof. Christoph Thiele

Student members:
Sven Kohrn (B.Sc.)
Marie Rose Schrimpf (B.Sc.)
Jonas Amirar (B.Sc.)
Sophie Müller (M.Sc.)

Please send questions or suggestions to ajansen@uni-bonn.de
Further information about evaluation in general: Evaluationsordnung (guidelines for Evaluation) of the University of Bonn dated 6.5.2014