WiS Podcast

Wir freuen uns sehr, den Start der LIMES-WiS-Podcast-Serie anzukündigen, in der wir mit Frauen in der Wissenschaft über ihre berufliche Laufbahn, persönlichen Entscheidungen, Herausforderungen sowie Erfolge und Misserfolge sprechen, um die zukünftige Generation von Wissenschaftlern zu informieren und zu inspirieren.

Episode 07:  Diversity Days Part 1: “Health and Sustainability” and “Women and family”

Feeling isolated due to your nationality, sexual orientation, family situation, disability or others? Looking for support to navigate through your career at the University? Or just curious what the University has to offer in support of diversity? If yes, check our two upcoming LIMES-WiS Podcast episodes where we are podcasting for you from the Diversity Days at the University of Bonn!

In this first part representatives of the Healthy Campus, Sport, Sustainability Management Vice rectorate, Special Olympics NRW, Women Connect, LIMES WiS, Immunosensation, Transregio Nucleic Acids, Rectorate and Familienbüro are talking about the goals and focus of their organizations. Our speakers will be presenting their program either in English or German language.

To learn more about Diversity Days at the University of Bonn, check the website:




Episode 06: Never too young to be a Professor!

Speaker: Prof. Elvira Mass, Developmental Biology of the Immune System, LIMES Institute

Have you decided to pursue your scientific career in the academic system? Are you considering various career options? Keen for advice from a well-accomplished scientist? Looking for an example of a successful woman in academia?
Then our new LIMES WiS podcast episode is just for you!
Listen to our interview with Prof. Elvira Mass, in which we talked with her about her path to professorship and her commitment to supporting underrepresented minority groups in academic institutions.         

To learn more about Elvira’s research, check out her website: https://www.limes-institut-bonn.de/en/research/research-departments/unit-1/mass-lab/

Episode 05: PhD on two continents

Speaker: Dr. Anastasia Solomatina, Research Coordinator at the LIMES Institute

Ever wondered what doing PhD next to the sunny beach looks like? Or how to manage your research project split between two continents? Interested in gaining international experience at the early stage of your research career? Then this podcast episode is for you! In the fifth episode of the LIMES Women in Science podcast, we talk to Dr. Anastasia Solomatina who did exactly that thanks to the International Research Training Group (IRTG 2168)! 

To learn more about the program, check the website:
contact Sandra Rathmann at: IRTG2168@uni-bonn.de
or contact Anastasia directly at: Asol@uni-bonn.de

Episode 04: No Master Plan needed

Speaker: Nora Balzer, a soon to be PhD

Everybody enjoys a good podcast, be it an audio or a video, reaching a wide audience and building a kind of connection to the topic and the speakers. In the fourth episode of the LIMES-WiS podcast we present you one of our own voices, Nora Balzer. An amazing scientist, an active member of LIMES Women in Science initiative, one of the flag bearers of the LIMES WiS Podcast and a mother to a 5-year-old.
Nora is currently finalizing her Ph.D. in immunology and developmental biology in the lab of Prof. Elvira Mass at the LIMES Institute of the University of Bonn. In this episode Nora shares with us how her interest in having conversations and communicating with people lead to the WiS podcast idea to be formed and executed. She also takes us through her experiences in the field of science, the challenges as both, a computational and wet lab scientist. She gives us a glimpse through her life, about her decision to come into science and about her future plans. 

Episode 03: Adding female perspective to advance science

Speaker: Dr. Tal Pecht, postdoctoral researcher at the laboratory of Prof. Schultze, LIMES

Some research topics could be only initiated from a female perspective. Dr. Tal Pecht is an originator of one of them: Femmunity. In the third episode of the Women in Science Podcast, we talk to Tal, a representative of the young immunologists group (founded by the German Society for Immunology), a talented science communicator and mother of two. Tal speaks about her scientific ideas, how important support is, and about challenges in pursuing her research question on the cyclic changes of the female immune system. 

You can learn more about the Femmunity study by contacting Tal’s team at femmunity@uni-bonn.de.

Episode 02: Trying it all in times of pandemic

Speaker: Prof. Alena Khmelinskaia, Junior Professor, LIMES

Starting a new position as a junior professor is not easy. Starting it in a foreign country is even more difficult. Starting a new position in the middle of a pandemic is something that no one has been prepared for.
In the second episode of the Women in Science Podcast, we feature Alena Khmelinskaia – a new Junior Professor at the LIMES Institute, the University of Bonn, who faced all three challenges at once! She joined the LIMES Institute in 2021 and is currently leading the research group focused on understanding the physical principles of protein self-assembly through de novo protein design.
In this interview, Alena speaks about her scientific background and her other interests in music and sport. We learn about her path to the current position and her experience in starting a new position in a foreign country during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. She expresses her opinion on the current women representation in academia and ways to improve it and gives advice to young scientists, who are only at the beginning of their scientific carrier. 


Episode 01: A path to Marie Skłodowska Curie Fellowship

Speaker: Dr. Katarzyna Placek, Junior Group Leader, LIMES

Fellowships are always an integral part of scientific careers. Marie Skłodowska Curie Fellowship is one of the most prestigious and competitive in Europe. In this first episode of LiMES WiS podcast Nora Balzer talks to Dr. Katarzyna Placek, commonly known to everyone as Kasia, about her experience with preparing a successful application. Kasia is a molecular immunologist, a junior group leader at the LIMES Institute, University of Bonn. In this lively podcast episode she briefly takes us through her journey till now, her family, her educational exploration through different labs, countries and continents, and her experience coming to Germany and setting up a research team from a scratch.


Should you have any comments, suggestions or interesting story to tell, please contact our podcast team at wispod@uni-bonn.de